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Stéphanie Pety de Thozée

Born in Liège in 1978, Stéphanie moved to Brussels to become a Primary School teacher. After some years of experience, including one in Mali, the wish to meet people and to travel led her to leave this post. She returned to West Africa to carry out a first photographic project on women’s work. Afterwards, she attended Contraste workshops in Brussels where she explored the language of photography in depth. Her desire to immerse herself in an environment to understand it brought her to mix photography with the work of Catherine Lievens, which is based on sound and writing. Their common project on women’s work is named ‘Muso Baara’. Today, she manages the Ikono gallery in Brussels, dedicated to photography.

"By taking a camera in your hands, it is possible to open a space of communication and to meet… Here and abroad."


Belle époque

Belgium 2013 - in progress

A social milieu, a big family with its codes and obligations...

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Quebec 2009 - in progress

The explorers, missionaries, traders or European anthropologists called them the “Montagnais”. They called themselves the Innus, “the human beings”.»...

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Mùso Baara - Pending sort out

Belgium 2009

Marem, Maria, Monika and Rima have the common point of having left their country of origin, by choice or not. Having arrived in Belgium, they had to face a new reality and to understand the legislation to access labor law.

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France 2008

Travel around the last beach in France having a form of temporary, free and self-managed occupation on a sea bordering natural territory.

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Mùso Baara - women at work

Mali/Niger 2004 > 2007

This look on women's work hasn't got as an aim to depict conditions or technical aspects, but to explore “the feminine essence“.

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