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Anne Ransquin

Collige rosas - Pick the flowers

Belgium/France/Cuba - 2012-2013

Poetic variation on the biographical events that interfered with a couple’s family project. The disease that in a short time takes away a mother, a father, a son.
Book of sad, intense, rewarding, revealing, hours.
Along the journey, images are gleaned, like the pebbles you keep in your pocket, some you sow along the way some you will treasure.
Images-stigma, images-fetishes, mirror images…
Awaiting better days…

Collige rosas - Anne Ransquin from Collectif CARAVANE on Vimeo.

North foreshore

Tidal wave

The happy days

“ Dos gardenias para ti ”


Quantum : 1 + 1 = ∞

Pegase enslaved

Women circle

Fortuna mutabile

Ask and get

Gabriella and Melusine

My little albino blackbird

In corpore sano ?

The scream

Womb of the world

Alchemy of the emotions

Some storks get lost on the way

With you

Sad tropic

Our grandmothers in spirit

Dawn soul

Caput mundi ?


Two in the storm

Let it go




The sacred fishes’s promise

On a tightrope

The sap

The crazy hope