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Anthony Anciaux

Anthony studied Political Science and Sociology at the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). He learnt the art of photography during workshops in Arles (France) and at the Institut provincial des Arts et Métiers du Centre (IPAM) in La Louvière with Véronique Vercheval and Alain Breyer. He reports the incursions of our American dreams within the Walloon folklore and folk culture with much tenderness.

"I explore Wallifornia with my camera. Wallifornia is the territory which extends from Wallonia to the boundaries of our imagination."

Anne-Sophie Costenoble

Born in Courtrai, Belgium, Anne-Sophie studied physiotherapy, art history and later devoted herself to photography. Attending workshops led her work to take on a narrative and poetic form.

"Photography invites me to take time. I let myself be guided by serendipity and encounters, curiosity and questions, trying to seize the moment that touches me or the unspoken story. I try to be fair."

Laure Geerts

Born in 1978 in Oupeye, Belgium, Laure studied Business and Management in Brussels. She had been working since many years in marketing when she discovered photography at the Contraste workshops. She quickly realized that the camera allowed her to approach communities and people that she would never have dared to approach otherwise. Deciding to become a full-time photographer, she bases her work on humanity, whilst focusing her tender and pure view on documenting its issues.

"Photography is for me a pretext to meet, a way to look at some closed worlds and to understand them, to reveal their complex fragility."

Hector Martin Moreno

Born in Palencia, Spain, in 1974, Hector studied Economics in Valladolid before starting to work as an accountant for ten years, first in Madrid and later in Brussels. He shot his first photos for a small NGO which he helped create with some friends in Uganda, having as a purpose to help street children in Kampala. Back in Brussels, he followed photography courses at the Contraste workshops. After a few years, he decided to give up accounting and become a full-time photographer. Infinite reservoir of expressions of diversity, the streets became his favourite field to observe human behaviour.

"Observe, admire, doubt, have patience, question, feel that emotion that pushes you to want to condensate everything in one instant that doesn't exist anymore..."

Marie Ozanne

Born in 1980 in Orléans, France, she studied Political Sciences and Sociology in Lille. Her interest in Arts led her to voice her explorations and observations of society through image. In 2003, she began to practice documentary photography at the Contraste workshops in Brussels before studying Art Sciences at La Sorbonne. She has photographed and taught photography in different countries before settling in Brussels. Her work has evolved from documentary photography to a photography that borders fabrication, in between reality and fiction, and continues to teach.

"Photography helps me to draw guidelines of reality in order to understand its meaning; it reveals the strangeness of the world and of existence."

Stéphanie Pety de Thozée

Born in Liège in 1978, Stéphanie moved to Brussels to become a Primary School teacher. After some years of experience, including one in Mali, the wish to meet people and to travel led her to leave this post. She returned to West Africa to carry out a first photographic project on women’s work. Afterwards, she attended Contraste workshops in Brussels where she explored the language of photography in depth. Her desire to immerse herself in an environment to understand it brought her to mix photography with the work of Catherine Lievens, which is based on sound and writing. Their common project on women’s work is named ‘Muso Baara’. Today, she manages the Ikono gallery in Brussels, dedicated to photography.

"By taking a camera in your hands, it is possible to open a space of communication and to meet… Here and abroad."

Anne Ransquin

Anne Ransquin, photographer of the Caravane Belgian collective left us on August 13, 2013 at the age of 39.

Widely travelled and friend maker, her photographical work was born out of her unfailing thirst for discovery and encounters. During the last two years of her life, marked by death and illness, photography became for her a true way to express her fight for life and her unconditional love for those around her. Her work “collige rosas” give us an intimate and poignant testimony that alludes with humility the difficulties and the hopes of her daily life. Her pictures show us her intense relationship with the world and are, according to her own words, “like stones in your pocket that you scatter along the way or that you preciously keep.”

The courage and the strength of Anne have deeply impacted those close to her, her friends, her family and her partner, photographer Jorge Luis Alvarez Pupo.