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Stéphanie Pety de Thozée

Mùso Baara, pending sort out

Belgium 2009

The Mùso Baara project, women’s work, talks about bits of womanhood life. In a simple way, Stéphanie Pety de Thozée and Catherine Lievens met women to collect words and pictures of their life. On the occasion of the ‘Quinzaine des femmes’ 2009, Mùso Baara worked with the non-profit-making organization ‘Le Monde selon les femmes’ to present an exhibition of the Belgian part of the project: the work of women waiting to be regularized. Marem, Maria, Monika and Rima have the common point of having left their country of origin, by choice or not. Having arrived in Belgium, they had to face a new reality and to understand the legislation to access labor law. The exhibition mentions the procedures of these women to find a job in Belgium. How do they reconcile work and private life? What are their difficulties and their alternatives? What are their hopes and dreams?