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Marie Ozanne

Born in 1980 in Orléans, France, she studied Political Sciences and Sociology in Lille. Her interest in Arts led her to voice her explorations and observations of society through image. In 2003, she began to practice documentary photography at the Contraste workshops in Brussels before studying Art Sciences at La Sorbonne. She has photographed and taught photography in different countries before settling in Brussels. Her work has evolved from documentary photography to a photography that borders fabrication, in between reality and fiction, and continues to teach.

"Photography helps me to draw guidelines of reality in order to understand its meaning; it reveals the strangeness of the world and of existence."



Belgium, 2012 - 2013

They are between 15 and 17 years old, standing at the edge of the adult world...

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The whispering of the riverside

France, Loiret 2010 - 2013

Those stories experienced and narrated like secrets and ghosts in the water’s dark sparklings.

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Luna adentro

Barcelona 2010 > 2011

Attracted by la Barceloneta, the neighborhood of Barcelona that is folded on itself by the seaside; I wandered in the streets and on perched terraces at dusk, at a time when everything tightens itself on private space.

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Assertive women

Istanbul 2009 > 2011

Made in between Istanbul and Paris, these portraits and testimonies underline the major importance of women that participate in the aspirations to modernization of their country.

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Santa Muerte

Mexico 2007 > 2008

Representation of death that originates from pre-Columbian times. First venerated by drug dealers asking for protection, Santa Muerte has been the object of a cult that has recently considerably extended itself in Mexico.

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Mexico 2007 > 2008

Being one of the oldest Latin American villages, Cholula has the look of a film-set, with strong pre-Columbian vibrations embedded below the always changing volcano.

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