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Hector Martin Moreno

Born in Palencia, Spain, in 1974, Hector studied Economics in Valladolid before starting to work as an accountant for ten years, first in Madrid and later in Brussels. He shot his first photos for a small NGO which he helped create with some friends in Uganda, having as a purpose to help street children in Kampala. Back in Brussels, he followed photography courses at the Contraste workshops. After a few years, he decided to give up accounting and become a full-time photographer. Infinite reservoir of expressions of diversity, the streets became his favourite field to observe human behaviour.

"Observe, admire, doubt, have patience, question, feel that emotion that pushes you to want to condensate everything in one instant that doesn't exist anymore..."


Urban agriculture

Brussels 2009-2012

This work turned our gaze on the artisans of vegetable gardens, of collective gardens and Brussels’ urban farms that tirelessly try to find a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city, in their neighborhood...

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Brussels 2011 - in progress

Women and men bumped into, randomly in the street. A brief exchange, a single instruction and a ballet follows. Improbable two minutes before, strange to the passersby and probably even for those improvising it.

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Street fashion

Italy, Belgium 2007-2008

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