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Anne Sophie Costenoble

Get over or die

Belgium - 2013

The pigeon racing is a matter of the northern residents. This tradition has in Belgium, in the Borinage, a particular history.
The art of raising racing pigeons and making them compete were widely encouraged by the coal mines companies in the early 20th century. This hobby was a way to guarantee the social peace and to facilitate the assimilation of a large number of people from Poland and Eastern Europe. Nowadays, this passion continues and some descendants of miners have taken over. The meetings often take place in the "Maison du Peuple", the spirit of the solidarity is still actual. The currency has remained : "Get over or die".
The economics issues and the arrival of the Chinese in the sector have slightly modified the issue. A feeling of disenchantment is felt...

Frédéric Bourlard and Mozart

Jean Pierre Druart and El Diablo

Marcel Dubreucq and Le Blanc As

Adrien Mirabelle and Loic

Jean Gaie and Séba - Gaston Gaie and Le 774

Léonardo Devita and Anne Sophie

Liliane Abrassart and Blanchette

Antonio Russo and Miss Beauty

Jean Claude Debieve (fils) and Le jeune Bourges

Odette Andry and 9093821

Hugo Gorniak and Le blanc

Kevin Druart and Fils du Gilbert

Jean Marie Bourlard (Fils) and Tapinet

Jean Claude Vandam and Vieux Rouge

Ayron Bourlard and Arthur