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Marie Ozanne

Assertive women

Istanbul 2009 > 2011

Made in between Istanbul and Paris, these portraits and testimonies underline the major importance of women that participate in the aspirations to modernization of their country. In spite of the weight of traditions and customs of the contemporary Turkish society, these brilliant women took the lead of their existence to fully take responsibility of themselves, out of the traditional mother or wife roles. Whether single, married or divorced, having children or not, they all have reached key functions proving their determination to assert themselves in the labor market. They each militate in their own way to improve women’s rights through a strong message of emancipation that they wish to transmit to a conservative society and also out of Turkish boundaries, Turkey often being badly known or seen through the prism of stereotypes.

Aysegul Sonmez, art critic, Istanbul. She began to write in the 90's in women's magazines, when tabous were getting softer.

Ipek Duben, contemporary artist, Istanbul. She is posing in front of her exhibition "Love Game" that deals about domestic violence and honour crime.

Oya Bayri, 67 years old, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Istanbul. She is next to a sculpture she made representing the sick and the reconstitued breast, in the entrance of her office. She is one of the two surgeons that introduced member and organs reconstitution in Turkey, during the time of post-war and industrialization era.

Sedef Ecer, writer, Paris.

Serra Yilmaz, actress, Istanbul. She is loved by the public in Turkey. She doesn't fear to claim her opinions and her nonconformism.

Zeynep Tanbay, choreographer, Istanbul. She founded the first professional modern dance company of Turkey. Her work deals about contemporary problems in Turkey.

Canan Kucukali, criminal judge, Istanbul. At the beginning of her carrier, people used to call her "Mister Judge", as there was no female judge.

Gaye Petek, founder of the association "Elele" for turkish immigrants, Paris.

Bahar Turkoglu, public affairs consultant, Paris.

Leyla Alaton, general manager of Alarko holding, one of the most powerfull company in Turkey. She has imposed herself as a strong and successfull business woman.

Zeynep Gogus, journalist and founder of the Centre for Turkey in Europe located in Brussels. She militates for the integration of Turkey in the European Union.

Nilufer Narli, Director of the Sociology Department of Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. She often appears in the medias to talk about women and islamist movements issues.

Zelal Yalcin, social worker of the foundation Mor Cati (The Purple Roof) that struggles against domestic violence and founded a women's shelter, Istanbul. Notice : " no to masculine domination".

Mahan Dogrusoz, qualitative market consultant, Istanbul. She claims for a free way of dressing as a resistance to religious oppression.

Nilufer Gole, sociologist, Paris.

Eren Arasan, lawyer, Paris.

Handan Borutecene, contemporary artist in her studio in la Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. She was preparing an exhibition about memory and exile.