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Wide angle on Museums

Caravane Collective

Belgium 2014
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During a four-month tour in museums in Wallonia and Brussels, the group Caravane made a series of photographs. Beating the scenic obstacles, posing a amused eye on details, revealing an element of mystery and often putting in echo the unprecedented nature of these spaces inhabited that give us much emotions...

Les Magritte du cinéma

Laure Geerts

Belgium 2012 - 2014
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Les Magritte du cinéma, ceremony and awards evening for BeTv and Dior.

Les festivals désmasqués

Anne Ransquin - Marie Ozanne - Hector Martin Moreno - Laure Geerts - Sébastien Van Malleghem - Anne Sophie Costenoble - Stéphanie Pety de Thozée

Belgium 2011
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During summer 2011, the CARAVANE collective wandered with lenses in the backstage of festivals for the Belgian magazine FOCUS Vif.


Laure Geerts - Stéphanie Pety de Thozée

Belgium 2011
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Brussels. Between politicals and women from immigration : a way to get out of precarity.