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Anne Ransquin

Clivovich versus Kebabtje

Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria - 2011 - in progress

In the beginning, there's a documentary about cultural identities through culinary traditions in many countries of the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria), directed by Tülin Özdemir and Bulent Ayyildiz, in collaboration with the Balkan Festival of Antwerp in 2011. An investigation about the setbacks of the clivovich, a homemade alcohol made out of prunes or seasonal fruits that the European Union has put into peril with technocratic norms. A report that makes one feel the increasing uncertainty of countries like Bosnia or Bulgaria, which are more and more attracted by the East. In the end, some kind of road-movie from the Balkans appeared in the cracks of the contact sheets, in between never ending (yugo)-nostalgia and a strangeness, even in the most daily moments.